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Richa Mehrotra

Richa Mehrotra

Richa Mehrotra was born and raised in India. She received a bachelor’s degree in Home Science and has been a home maker since she got married in 1991. She has raised two kids, a son who is a junior in college and a daughter who is a junior in high school. Her son is pursuing an Electrical and Computer Engineering degree and daughter is an aspiring doctor. Not only did she spend her childhood in India, she has also been living outside India since 1995, when her husband took a job in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. After spending 5 years there and giving birth to her daughter, she moved with her family to Dubai and then to California in early 2000. Since 2002 she has been living in Appleton, Wisconsin which we now call our home. Her husband started his wealth management firm in 2013 and is pioneering the endowment style of investing. Richa is a great home maker and her interests have revolved around the family and children. She is a stickler for details and takes great pride in whatever she does. She is an artist and paints in her spare time. She has been involved with a local nonprofit IndUS since she moved to Appleton. She has chaired the Decoration and Banquet Committees and is an active volunteer. She is an outgoing and extroverted person and enjoys the company of friends and family. She is a great cook and makes fresh vegetarian food three times a day and can cook not only great Indian food but also middle eastern, Italian and Mexican as well.

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