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Kathie Funk

Kathie Funk

After 8 years as the chef at Shenanigans in Sherwood, Wisconsin, Kathie retired and began baking for family, friends and for the Stockbridge Farmer’s Market. She employed techniques that were passed to her from her mother, grandmother, and her favorite Aunt Trudy, who could turn out a variety of breads without a recipe. For Kathie, trying all types of bread recipes is a true passion. She began sharing her knowledge with the 5th grade Girl Scout Troop, which led to teaching artisan bread-making classes out of her home for ladies in her church, as well as with neighbors and friends. With an enthusiastic following and a collection of tips and suggestions from a wealth of experience, she now will be sharing her expertise at The Wire Whisk. “I love to share what I know and it makes me feel good when someone tells me how they have tried and succeeded in a yeast bread or roll experience.”

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